Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Featured Canadian Etsy Seller: MyHandboundBooks

I am a lover of journals and notebooks. Some may say that I am obssessed with them. Our first feature is MyHandboundBooks which has, in my opinion, the most unique and phenomenal books I've ever had to the pleasure to come across and now own!

Rhonda of MyHandboundBooks is a skilled bookbinder and book artist. Residing in Atlantic Canada's largest city, Halifax, Nova Scotia she is surrounded by sandy beaches, rugged shorelines and colourful gardens.

Rhonda has been perfecting her craft for several years and has studied bookbinding with the best binders in her area. She is also a member of the Canadian Bookbinders and Books Artists Guild.

MyHandboundBooks offers a wide variety of notebooks and journals ranging in various sizes from 3 x 4 1/4" to 11 x 8.5". Some examples of materials she uses are sheepskin leather, cowhide leather, pigskin suede, deerhide, decorative papers and ceramic for her book covers; pages are parchment paper or white paper with torn edges; stitches are Coptic, Long, Crossed Structure and Link to name just a few.

Rhonda is dedicated to accuracy when creating book structures from the Medieval and Renaissance eras. She also has many unique creations of her own design. She tries to make each of her books one of a kind. She says, "so when you purchase one of my books you can be pretty sure that nobody else has one quite like it!"

Be sure to stop by MyHandboundBooks and purchase your favourite today!! http://myhandboundbooks.etsy.com


Rhonda the bookbinder said...

Thanks so much for this glowing spotlight!

Sixth & Elm said...

I've been such a fan of Rhonda's work (and Rhonda herself!) for a while now. She not only has talent, but does so much research for her bookbinding to master historical techniques.